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Landing In the Ballpark —

At 1157, we are much better designers and problem solvers than dancers. That’s why we like to get the discussion of the budget on the table early in the conversation with our clients, so neither of us is dancing around it later. Because of our extensive donor recognition experience, 1157 is capable of providing a fitting solution for almost any budget. From the very large and complex to a simple installation, either of which could include an in2Trek interactive component, we can design a donor recognition solution to fit within the budget.   We have learned that by getting the numbers on the table quickly, overall project planning time can be reduced, and the need for design revisions is lessened.

You don’t need to nail the budget to the penny — a range is a good place to start. We can take it from there and, after carefully listening to your project requirements, we will present a concept that will incorporate materials and production methods within your budget tolerance.

Simply, we’ve been there so many times before, we know what works.  Let’s chat.