Conflict in Storytelling — Part II

The difference between taking action and sleeping on it — In addition to assisting nonprofit organizations with their custom recognition projects, I volunteer as an Ambassador for the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation. I meet with fellow alumni from chapters all over the country to discuss the great initiatives taking place—ranging from …continue reading

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Conflict in Storytelling

Are you Telling a Compelling Story? — At the end of a recent meeting with a prospective client, he remarked “I’ve learned something today. We can do better than just slapping some names up on the wall.” There are several scientific studies that detail how storytelling impacts the human brain. For …continue reading

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Keep it Fresh!

With 15 years of custom interactive development behind us, in2Trek was created specifically for the not for profit environment.  Templated modules provide flexibility with personalization.  The proprietary Content Management System delivers an easy to follow process to keep the information fresh.  Our in2Trek Update Guide offers a suggested schedule to …continue reading

Learn more about what it means to "Design-Build"

Consider a “Design-Build” Approach

Consider a design-build approach to achieve cost and time efficiencies in your recognition display project The development and delivery of a recognition project involves many entities making the path confusing.  A design-build approach streamlines the process, minimizing cost and maximizing efficiencies.  This approach typically applies to a construction project, however …continue reading

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Interactive May Be the Best Fit

The Next Recognition Frontier — The in2Trek® interactive system, developed and offered exclusively by 1157 designconcepts is not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, the powerful capability and capacity of in2Trek® brings a whole new dimension to donor recognition. Interactive touch screens engage display viewers in a way no static display can. The ability …continue reading

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When Should the Process Begin?

The Sooner the Better — It starts with a vision, your vision of what you and your organization feel will be a suitable way to acknowledge your donors. The final solution should not only recognize those who have pledged their support, but also inspire future perspective donors to get on …continue reading

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Budget — The Elephant in the Room

Landing In the Ballpark — At 1157, we are much better designers and problem solvers than dancers. That’s why we like to get the discussion of the budget on the table early in the conversation with our clients, so neither of us is dancing around it later. Because of our …continue reading

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Brand It and They Will Come!

Don’t put your brand on the Back Burner — While properly and appropriately recognizing donors is the primary objective of a fitting donor recognition solution, your display also needs to include bold organizational branding that resonates with the viewer to inspire future donor participation.  Because 1157 has been in the donor …continue reading

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Continuity of Design — Smart Planning

Think about the Big Picture Whenever 1157 designconcepts connects with a client during the early stages of planning a donor recognition project, we want to determine if this is to be an isolated installation, or, if other projects could be added in the future within the organization. Similarly we would …continue reading