Our unique in2Trek® Interactive System provides a broad array of application possibilities that enhances the experience for the viewer.  Its dynamic capabilities can help you attain your donor relationship, retention, and revenue goals.  Learn more …

This is the logo for in2Trek, 1157 designconcepts' modular, interactive recognition system.


1157 designconcepts has incorporated touch screen technology that transforms a static display into a dynamic interactive presentation. The system is well suited for a variety of applications from Hall of Fame installations to donor recognition solutions.  in2Trek® can manage large volumes of complex information in a relatively small space.  Updating the information is easy, thereby insuring that it is always current. The system is expandable offering a selection of modules that can be added as the information needs expand. 1157 will design a strong visual presentation surrounding the touch screen which will draw viewers to the display. Once engaged, the viewer can simply navigate through the displayed information at their own pace. You control the content. You control the experience.

Configured to fit your NEEDS

The process to configure your in2Trek® system starts with the selection of one of three dynamic themes 1157 has developed that offer a range of functionality. Then, modules are incorporated that suit your data needs. Module content can be populated by you and your team, or 1157 can initially do it for you. Maintaining the information is simple and 1157 will provide complete instructions which are easily mastered. Your system can contain bios, stories, photos and audio and video elements. Due to the extensive capacity of an in2Trek® display, you no longer are restricted by space constraints to tell your story.