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The Next Recognition Frontier —

The in2Trek® interactive system, developed and offered exclusively by 1157 designconcepts is not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, the powerful capability and capacity of in2Trek® brings a whole new dimension to donor recognition.

Interactive touch screens engage display viewers in a way no static display can. The ability to present extended information in a relatively small space, while keeping it current on a regular basis may tip the scale in its favor for your donor recognition application.   After carefully listening to you, 1157 will know if what you want to achieve should or should not include exploring an interactive solution. Budget will of course be a factor but consideration needs to be giving to the cost of updating a more traditional display. Also, an interactive component to the display can ensure that there will always be capacity to handle future growth to your donor listings.

Since the in2Trek® system offers information modules beyond simply donor recognition, incorporating the technology may well expand your thinking to include topics a static display simply could not handle.

And, don’t be put off by a perception of complexity. In fact, the in2Trek® Content Management System is easy to learn and master. So you and your staff will be able to update and modify information displayed in no time at all. Usage analytics are also available so you can monitor activity.

Technology is pervasive in virtually every aspect of our lives today. It only makes sense then, to consider bringing interactive technology to the table for the discussion of your next donor recognition project. 1157 has the knowledge, experience and the system – in2Trek®, to have that discussion with you and your team.

Are you ready to touch the future?  Find out even more on our interactive product page.