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With 15 years of custom interactive development behind us, in2Trek was created specifically for the not for profit environment.  Templated modules provide flexibility with personalization.  The proprietary Content Management System delivers an easy to follow process to keep the information fresh.  Our in2Trek Update Guide offers a suggested schedule to keep your message alive and engaging.

The decision has been made to integrate an interactive touchscreen into your recognition project.  After all the excitement of the endless potential has boiled down to task items for implementation, don’t overlook the reason you selected an interactive approach in the first place.  Recognition of donors and your organization’s message needs to live and breathe—keep it fresh.  Without a scheduled update plan, the experience will revert back to a ‘static’ experience.  Plan a change to the experience on a regular basis to keep the viewers and potential donors engaged – make them want to ‘come back’ to see what is ‘new’.

Download our in2Trek Update Guide here!

If you have developed a similar plan, we would love to hear your successes.  Please share ‘if I had only known’ moments, as well.