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Texture on a Timeline —

Two things were known when 1157 and Kettering Medical Center Foundation embarked on the path to create a recognition display for the Cancer Center—artistically incorporate texture into the display and work within an aggressive timeline. Design conversations began in June 2016 to outline a plan for the project completion date of December 2016. Meetings included many Kettering stakeholders led by Susan Barcus, Foundation President. Her experience enabled the process to flow smoothly through the Kettering system. In order to expedite the creative development phase of the project, Tria Keene, 1157 Sales Representative called upon Ben Romaker, 1157 Designer to participate on site with Kettering’s stakeholders to elaborate on the initial concepts and provide creative direction.

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Texture—what did that mean to Kettering? A thorough review of the architectural renderings, communication with the architectural firm, Cannon Design, and a tour of other Kettering facilities helped answer this question. The answer: Textured Glass to replicate architectural glass elements in the center. Remember the timeline? Custom textured glass has an extended lead time. 1157 went to work with our glass supplier to identify a product/pattern to fit within the time line. Ben selected ‘slumped glass’ to achieve the texture Kettering wanted. The clean modern look needed another touch—lighting for impact. LED standoffs were used to draw attention to the title plate and thank you statement.

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The event date is nearing. Not all the donors had finalized their commitment but we can’t wait for the stragglers—now what? Our transparency system allows Kettering to present a current list of donors in time for the event. This flexible approach provides the ability to remove the transparency when all gifts have been realized and permanently etch the names. It also serves as an inexpensive solution to avoid missing the event date. During the exploration and discovery period, Kettering was introduced to our proprietary interactive product, in2Trek. When Tria demonstrated the ability to capture various campaign and giving programs, expand upon recognition through the use of donor and patient stories, and to do so through an easy to use Content Management System, Kettering said, “YES!” Keeping with the clean modern look that was developing, Ben incorporated our in2Trek system granting the display extended life after the campaign. in2Trek provides an avenue to recognize donors and accomplishments well into the future. This additional flexibility adds to the rate of return on their initial investment. Did we make the event date? Yes, we did! Kettering’s attention to the importance of bringing their internal team together early on coupled with 1157’s project management team of Tria, Ben, and Cindy, 1157 designconcepts Client Service Representative = Mission Accomplished!

Check out the finished project!

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